Walking into my studio is like walking into a treasure trove of found, recycled and discarded materials that most people would consider worthless junk. I love spending time rummaging through the bins and shelves looking for the perfect gem that will complete my latest piece
On Saturday morning you will usually find me scavenging flea markets, yard sales, scrap yards, and maybe even a good dumpster looking for materials to add to my collection. I never know what might spark an idea as I am walking around the endless rows of tables or sinking into a pile of wood from the large construction dumpster I frequent often.

An instructor in college first introduced me to the idea of using found and recycled materials. She took us on a field trip to a furniture plant. The assignment was to use the off-scorings and create a sculpture. This is when I found myself faced with a construction sized dumpster full of the most wonderful shapes, sizes, colors and a variety of different kinds of wood. My heart began to beat rapidly as I climbed into the large container and digging through the mountainous pile of scraps. It was at that moment in my life I began to truly create with my mind, body and soul put into every piece.
As time has passed I have added other found materials into my assemblages, such as metals, fabrics, old jewelry, old tools as well as many other items.


2 Responses to About

  1. Deborah Cummings says:

    Love the dolls! It was so great talking with you last night!! It is inspirational seeing your work. Hope everything calms down for you so you can continue to inspire your students with your contagious love for art.

  2. Clarissa Felder says:

    Great site……………..

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