Measure of Success

So often we tend to measure success by the amount of money the person has or by the other material things they have collected, but in actually the person looking in cannot measure success. True success can only be measured by ones self. Success is found in one’s own heart, and the satisfaction they find within. When I finished my education is when I felt success in my life, and as I watch my children grow and mature into these beautiful young people these feeling rush through me. This piece represents the success I felt when I finished my teaching degree and licensure. The body is a barrel covered with words that pertain to education, and the clock hands represent that the knowledge I received will be with me throughout the rest of my life. The back of the head is open to see the brain inside and on top are five measuring spoons. Each spoon represents a part of my life in which I fill has been successful: God, Family, Education, Teaching, and Creating. This is a vague list, but remember it is more personal to me and only I will know the true meaning. This is truly one of my favorite pieces and I hope you enjoy it.


About lauriewphillips

Artist using repurposed and recycled materials to create art.
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