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Mandy was created for my friend and co-worker that went to another school. She is a music teacher and so it was only fitting to use the Mandoline as her body. She is also holding a small banjo in her metal hands. Mandy was a lot of fun to make and I love the way her hair turned out. Image

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African Princess

African Princess was the third piece created at Penland. Her body was created from the off scourings of another student. The trim was created using a wood burner and the metal came from the scrap pile at the foundry. She stands about 14 inches with her twisted body and her hand on her hip.


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Abbie was created during my stay at Penland. I used some scraps of walnut found in the recycle bin in the woodshop. Her spots were created using a drillpress and tented with wood dye. The pieces of metal were found at the foundry scrap pile. She stands about 14 inches in her matching shoes. Image

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Polly was the first of three created during my class a Penland. Her body was created with three pieces of Basswood. The spots were drilled and poured with resin. Her head was assembled with two pieces of steel and accented with her features and hair. Polly’s bloomers were hand carved and tented with a wood dye. Image


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Charlene was created for my principals 60th birthday. Her body was created out of the off scorings from a furniture dumpster which I beat with a pick hammer. She was painted with silver and finished with a gold acrylic. Her head is a black skillet with small screws for the hair. Her eyes were created with horse bits and her nose is a knob from a faucet.

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African Native

I found these wonderful feet at the Antique Mall over the weekend and they inspired this little guy. 

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